PESI Book Club: October 2019

Four children-focused books to add to your reading list.


This month's suggested reads include four products to help improve the well-being of the children in your life. Here are two children's books and two workbooks for children to add to your reading list.

ADHD Book Cover

ADHD, Executive Function & Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom

Managing the Impact on Learning, Motivation, and Stress

ADHD and executive function expert Cindy Goldrich and Special Education teacher Carly Goldrich combined efforts to create this powerful resource to help teachers and professionals understand and connect with students. These practical tools and worksheets are designed to help students become resourceful, accountable, optimistic, and perseverant.

Download a free worksheet from this book.

Dragon Worriers Book Cover

Dragon Worriers

Stories, Worksheets & Therapeutic Tools to Overcome Childhood Anxiety

In this entertaining workbook, national anxiety expert Dawn DePasquale, LMHC, leads children and the people who love them through even the most trying anxiety episodes. As each dragon’s anxiety story is told, children are guided through solutions and strategies for the dragon, which helps develop their skills for dealing with their own anxiety. Worksheets, logs, and illustrations are included.

Thank You Body, Thank You Heart Book Cover

Thank You Body, Thank You Heart

A Gratitude and Self-Compassion Practice for Bedtime

Invite your child to explore the many reasons to be grateful for their own body in this engaging bedtime practice. Make this colorful and charming body-scan book a regular part of the nighttime routine, and help the children in your life establish greater self-awareness and self-compassion.

Flip Book Cover

Some Days I Flip My Lid

Learning to be a Calm, Cool Kid

Some Days I Flip My Lid follows third-grader Max as he develops self-awareness of his emotions by learning Mindfulness techniques called MINDFUL BREATHING and BREATHING ON PURPOSE. At school, on the playground and at home, Max develops skills not to flip his lid when he is scared, worried, sad or upset. A colorful and delightful story for the classroom, at bedtime, or whenever your child needs a mindful reminder to be a calm, cool kid.

Leave a comment below and tell us which book you plan to read and why. And, be sure to come back after finishing the book to share a question or comment! Happy reading!

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