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We're celebrating the start of a new school year by offering teachers FIVE of our best school-and teaching-related worksheets and videos...for FREE!


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Coping Skills Workbook Image
Free Coping Skills for Kids Activities
Featuring Janine Halloran, LMHC

The activities in the following worksheet are meant to help kids calm down and relax when faced with stressful or overwhelming situations. Use these activities as coping strategies to help kids deal with stress, anxiety, and anger.

This activity was taken from the Coping Skills for Kids Workbook, which features over 75 coping strategies.

Self-Regulation Worksheets Image
Free Self-Regulation Worksheets
Featuring Tracy Turner-Bumberry, LPC, RPT-S, CAS

Adults often assume that children know when to be independent and when to ask for help, but this is a skill that needs to be taught. Use these worksheets and related activities to increase mindfulness, independence, and awareness when working with children.

This activity was taken from 2,4,6,8 This Is How We Regulate, which highlights 75 play therapy activities to increase mindfulness in children.

Managing ADHD Video and Worksheets Image
Free CE Video and Worksheets on Managing ADHD in School
Featuring Dr. Russell A. Barkley, PHD

Find more than 80 recommendations and proven strategies to improve the management of children and adolescents with ADHD in this free CE video. Companion worksheets can also be implemented into the classroom to help increase the success of children and teens with ADHD.

This activity was taken from Managing ADHD in School, which details more than 100 evidence-based recommendations for those who work with children and teens with ADHD.

Literacy Worksheets Image
Free Fun with Literacy Worksheets
Featuring Karen Thatcher, EdD, CCC-SLP

Children with learning disabilities require more exposure to literacy-rich environments and opportunities in order to begin developing a foundation for literacy. Use these free worksheets to help shape kids' future academic and social success.

This activity was taken from Fun with Literacy, which features hundreds of activities, exercises, and tips for the classroom (birth-preschool).

2 Minute Mindfulness Image
Free 2-Minute Mindfulness Strategy Video
Featuring Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RYT, RCYT

Watch an easy, fast way to help fidgety children find balance and focus. This exercise is perfect when kids need a moment to reset and re-engage—and takes just two minutes.

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