Rethink, Reassess, Relabel: How to Use Reframing to Appreciate the Moment

Free reframing exercise to help kids harness the power of happiness!

Maureen Healy

Picture this: You come downstairs in the morning and see a counter full of dirty dishes. The garbage needs to be taken out, and the counters are littered with crumbs and stains from yesterday’s spaghetti. Has this ever happened to you? Your first reaction might be frustration. “Why am I the one always cleaning up?”

But then, a tiny voice comes into your head, reminding you of last night. After dinner, the entire family played board games, laughed together, and snuggled on the couch until bedtime. Your night of fun was more than just this—you spent quality family time together. Suddenly, the dirty dishes and messy countertops are worth it. But you haven’t ignored your problems. Instead, you’ve reframed.

Reframing challenges is a skill we should all practice, and teaching this idea to kids will also help them learn to appreciate the present moment and get through the more difficult times. For instance, we can teach kids to take that hard math problem and reframe it as a moment to stretch their thinking and to develop a new skill—it suddenly makes the problem a little easier! The more we can help kids practice looking for silver linings and opportunities during challenging moments, the more resilient and happier they become.

In my new book, I have created worksheets to help kids practice reframing challenges and find happiness, even during tricky and frustrating situations. Download this exercise for free here. To find even more happiness and strength-building tools and activities be sure to check out the rest of The Happiness Workbook for Kids: 24 Fun Activities to Help Kids Focus, Make Smart Choices, and Bounce Back from Challenges.

Want another exercise to help kids harness the power of happiness? Check out my other blog: Looking on the Bright Side: Using Optimism to Create Happiness.

Teach Children to Harness the Power of Happiness!
Some Days I Breathe on Purpose
In this insightful yet easy-to-read workbook, Maureen Healy teaches kids how to become happier despite the everyday obstacles, frustrations, and big emotions that often challenge their ability to make good decisions. With the tools inside, children will learn how to constructively express their emotions, bounce back from challenges, and move toward happier life experiences.
Meet the Expert:
Maureen Healy is an award-winning author, popular speaker, and expert in children’s emotional health and education. Her last book, The Emotionally Healthy Child, had a preface from the Dalai Lama, who said, “I hope Maureen’s book will contribute to a more wholesome education for future generations.” Healy is also the author of Growing Happy Kids: How to Foster Inner Confidence, Success, and Happiness and The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids. In addition, she contributes to a popular blog on Psychology Today and has appeared across all media outlets.

Unique about Maureen is her global experience—working with children from the Bronx in New York City all the way to the base of the Himalayas. Her background in child development (BA, MBA, PhD program), complemented by her global studies with happiness teachers, has empowered her path to help children worldwide learn the ideas and strategies of becoming happier in their lifetime.

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