Rage in America

Dr. Jeff Peterson reveals why therapists need to know how to manage anger

Dr. Jeff Peterson, Ph.D., LCPC, LPC, NCC, PCC

Anger is a popular emotion these days.

With a global pandemic raging, millions of people out of work, and anger featuring in many daily headlines, it’s seeping into everyday life...

And destroying relationships... driving up substance abuse and violence... and making its many victims sick, depressed, and anxious.

In this video, Dr. Jeff Peterson provides a brief introduction to the roots and definitions of anger so you can help angry clients heal.

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Do you want to work safely and confidently with aggressive clients?
Driving Anger Expression Inventory Worksheet
To help your clients recognize their destructive anger, we’re offering you these FREE Driving Anger Expression Inventory Worksheets.

Many clients think they’ve got their anger under control, or that it’s “not that bad.” After they take the assessment, they’re shocked to see their anger management problems laid out in black and white.

Recognizing the problem is the first step to healing. This free resource will help you do just that.
Driving Anger Expression Inventory Worksheet
It’s understandable to feel uncomfortable, nervous, or wary when working with angry clients. But with the right training and resources, you’ll see that treating anger can be simple.

Check out Transforming Anger: A Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM) Training Course to discover how to help volatile clients learn new ways of managing their anger and reduce their aggression and hostility.

Upon completion of the course, you can become a certified expert in this area of mental health at no additional cost!
Meet the Expert:
Dr. Jeff Peterson, Ph.D., LCPC, LPC, NCC, PCC, is a nationally certified counselor and licensed professional counselor who is a faculty member in the clinical counseling program at Northwestern University in Chicago. He also maintains a private practice where he focuses on anger issues, managing stress, couples therapy, anxiety and depression, dealing with shame and addiction, and sexual or gender identity issues.

Dr. Peterson serves on the editorial review board for the American Counseling Association and has lectured to mental health professionals throughout the country on how to avoid Microaggressions in a clinical setting, ethical concerns in therapy, and the psychological effects of shame.

He is the co-founder and organizer of the Healthcare Guild (healthcareguild.com), a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping sexual and gender minorities find affirming and culturally competent health care. Dr. Peterson is a graduate of the University of Iowa and Walden University, with a Ph.D. in clinical mental health counseling education and supervision.

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