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Emotional Abusive Behaviors and A Closer Look at Gaslighting
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  1. Analyze how gaslighting in the context of romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships can lead to long term effects like trauma, anxiety and depression.
  2. Employ in-session approaches to help clients become aware of gaslighting behavior in their lives and recognize the consequences.
  3. Differentiate gaslighting from other forms of emotional abuse to improve your ability to recognize the subtle signs that clients may be victims.
  4. Employ body-based approaches to help clients who have experienced gaslighting validate their experience and rebuild trust in themselves.
  5. Utilize techniques from a variety of therapeutic approaches to unravel problematic beliefs that can prevent victims of gaslighting from making therapeutic progress.
Gaslighting in Relationships and Society
  • Define what gaslighting is in measurable terms
  • Review of term Gaslighting
  • Romantic/intimate relationships
  • Friendships
  • Family relationships
  • Work
  • How gaslighting shows up on a larger scale: social media and advertising
  • Gaslighting and communal trauma in minority groups
Signs and Side Effects of Gaslighting
  • How this shows up for our clients
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Emotional disturbance
  • Increased vulnerability to emotional abuse
  • Decreased autonomy
  • Increased risk of codependency
  • Retraumatizing survivors of abuse and trauma
Clinical Approaches
  • Review of Evidence-based treatments
  • Insight and self-awareness – how to help clients recognize gaslighting in their lives
    • Self-forgiveness and compassion techniques to heal from shame and interrupt self-criticism
    • Body-based approaches to help clients validate their experience and rebuild trust in themselves
    • Assertiveness training — teach clients to express needs clearly, directly, and openly
    • 5 steps to help clients set healthier boundaries
    • Teach clients to identify traits of healthy relationships
    • Unravel problematic beliefs with
    • IFS, DBT, narrative therapy and somatic experiencing techniques
    • Research limitations


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