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Post-Traumatic Growth for Loss, Grief and Related Trauma
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  1. Specify how a case conceptualization based on the strengths of the client can tap into their potential for resiliency and improve clinical outcomes.
  2. Analyze the neurobiology of the traumatized brain and effectively utilize clinical tools based in mindfulness and grounding to calm the biological stress response.
  3. Articulate the relationship of shame to trauma and loss and communicate how cognitive restructuring can be used in-session to manage the emotions of clients and open them to new possibilities.
  4. Employ powerful interventions informed by CBT, expressive therapies, and somatic psychotherapy to treat the devastating effects of loss and grief by reframing its associated meaning.
  5. Characterize the impact on clients, as well as the relevance to clinical practice, of connecting individuals and families affected by loss with social support and grief groups.
  6. Incorporate and individualize therapeutic interventions based in art and writing into treatment plans for loss, grief, and related trauma.
  • Face Loss, Grief and Trauma with a Strengths-Based Approach
    • Crisis of belief and existential shattering
    • Meaning making and the importance of “why”
    • Grief vs. complicated grief
    • Abstract losses and the Ball of Grief
    • Tapping into resiliency
      • Core competencies and key principles
      • Identify your clients’ strengths
    • Current evidence on strengths-based approaches
  • Calm the Overactive Brain of Your Client
    • The neurobiology of the traumatized brain
    • Mindfulness and the art of noticing
    • Containment skills
    • Grounding exercises
    • Affect regulation
    • Breathing and soothing techniques
  • Tools for Managing Anger, Guilt, Shame and Traumatic Memories
    • Dealing with anger
      • The REACH model of forgiveness
      • Certificates of debt
      • The power of surrender
    • Address guilt and shame
      • How shame relates to trauma and loss
      • Faulty beliefs and getting stuck
      • Cognitive restructuring
    • Manage traumatic memories with CBT coping skills
      • Distraction techniques
      • Positive self-talk
  • Move Clients Toward Post-Traumatic Growth With Interventions Informed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Shattered Vase Exercise - plant the seeds of possibility
    • Creating narratives
    • Letter writing
    • Positive remembering and repositioning
    • Reframe the meaning
  • Expressive and Somatic Therapeutic Interventions To Cultivate Post-Traumatic Growth
    • Integrate left and right hemispheres
      • Art therapy
      • Writing to heal
    • Access and reclaim compassion
      • Somatic resourcing
      • Remembered resources
      • Assess clients self-talk
  • Reinvest in a Life Worth Living: Rekindle the Desires of the Heart
    • The PIE of life - brainstorm possibilities of growth
    • Cultivate social connection and re-engagement
      • Support and grief groups
      • Toxic people
      • Working with families impacted by loss
    • Choice and perspective
    • Foster gratitude and a spirit of contentment after loss
    • Measurements of Post-Traumatic Growth


Rita A. Schulte, LPC, is no stranger to loss and suffering. Rita lost her beloved husband to suicide in 2013, and now speaks candidly about her loss in the hope of helping others to heal. Working in the Northern Virginia/DC area, she specializes in the treatment of grief and loss issues, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and eating disorders. She is the creator and host of Heartline Radio where she talks with counselors and authors as well as everyday people looking for advice on moving through the difficulties of life.

Rita writes for numerous publications and blogs. Her articles have appeared in Counseling Today Magazine, Thriving Family, Kyria and She is the author of Shattered: Finding Hope and Healing through the Losses of Life (Leafwood) and Imposter: Gain Confidence, Eradicate Shame and become who God Made You to Be (Siloam). Her new book Think This Not That: Eliminate Toxic Thinking and Rewire Your Brain will be releasing in 2018.

Rita earned a B.S. degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Rita Schulte is in private practice. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Rita Schulte is a member of the American Counseling Association; and the National Board of Certified Counselors.
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