Understanding Gaslighting

Free infographic to inform clients of signs, techniques, and assertive responses


If you have clients in your caseload who lack self-esteem, can’t say no, and blame themselves for everything...

You may be working with clients who’ve been emotionally manipulated, controlled, and gaslit through a narcissistic relationship.

Gaslighting and other forms of narcissistic abuse are insidious, often going unrecognized as your clients begin to doubt their own thoughts, feelings, and memories...

Which is why we've created this free infographic to put the signs, symptoms, and assertive responses to gaslighting at your clients' fingertips. Download and save this free resource with those who need it most - and help them break free from the bonds of emotional manipulation!

Discover a masterclass on working with clients who've experienced narcissistic abuse and emotional control!
Narcissistic Abuse and Gaslighting Treatment Course: Help Clients End Emotional Manipulation and Reclaim Their Lives from Toxic Relationships
This comprehensive course is designed to help therapists treat the trauma left behind by toxic relational abuse. Featuring the biggest names in the field, including Dr. Ramani Durvasala, Terry Real, Wendy Behary, Dr. Lindsay Gibson and 8 other experts, this course will give you the strong foundation you need to identify this hidden manipulative abuse and respond to it effectively. Our experts will give you the clinical tools you need to identify gaslighting, avoid clinical mis-steps, help your clients establish boundaries, safely leave abusive situations, end their self-blame and self-shame, regain their personal power and much more! If you have clients in your caseload who lack self-esteem, can’t say no, and blame themselves for everything you can’t miss this chance to learn from the field’s leading experts, and help clients break free from the cycle of toxic abuse!

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