The Many Dimensions of Gender Identity

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Lee-Anne Gray, Psy.D.

Sexual orientation is so much more than being gay, straight or bisexual. We now know gender identity is a spectrum beyond the binary of male and female, therefore, sexuality takes on many dimensions too.

When Katie (age 17) told her mother she is polysexual, her mother didn’t know what it meant. Katie faced her mother’s confusion with sensitivity and explained that she is attracted to people regardless of their biological or psychological gender identity. It doesn’t matter to Katie if she is with a guy, a girl, someone who is trans or even intersex. She cares about the attraction and chemistry between them.

With conversations like these happening within families, the time is also ripe for clinicians and educators to explore sexuality beyond the binary. There are more dimensions to being a sexual person than some clinicians, educators, and parents typically think of. For example, bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation and relates only to the binary of gender: male and female. Pansexual, omnisexual, or polysexual youth recognize the genders beyond the binary of male and female and find attraction in a wide range of human qualities.

Our youth are increasingly aware of the sexual fluidity and diversity that exists. Finding ways of exploring this topic with youth cultivates sex and body positivity. Author Lee-Ann Gray just published a new resource, LGBTQ+ Youth: A Guided Workbook to Support Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.  Lee-Ann is sharing some of her most powerful tools from the workbook in this FREE download. 

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Included in the download is Gray's Sexual Orientation Grid, a clinical tool you can use to help your clients explore many healthy variations of human love, sex and attraction. The worksheets included can help your clients find strength in themselves during these challenging times such as Deciding to Come Out and Facing Homophobia in Others. Apply these practical and engaging printable tools in your next session with LGBTQ+ Youth. Click here to download the FREE LGBTQ+ Youth worksheets.

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