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Introducing the Havening Touch: The Neurobiological Superpower We Hold in Our Hands

Discover a way to create new pathways to sustainable change in your clients' lives

Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA

The havening touch is an evidence-based tool that works to shift the way the brain is functioning, decreasing feelings of stress and increasing feelings of safety. Discover the science behind this simple but revolutionary technique!


Top 10 Titles for Black History Month and Beyond

Clinical resources to promote cultural competency


To celebrate Black History Month’s 2022 theme, Black Health and Wellness, PESI Publishing has curated 10 resources for mental health professionals to better support their Black clients.


8 Ways Non-Prescribers Can Promote Medication Success

Simple Strategies for Any Mental Health Professional

Kenneth Carter, PhD, ABPP

As a non-prescriber, you may be wondering how to ethically discuss medication with your clients. Kenneth Carter, PhD, ABPP, shares eight ways mental health professionals can help clients succeed while staying within the scope of their practice.


Turning Hopeless into Hopeful: Using Creative Hopelessness to Help Clients Let Go

A powerful acceptance and commitment therapy strategy for change

Richard Sears, PSYD, PHD, MBA, ABPP

Are your clients clinging to coping mechanisms that no longer serve them? ACT expert Richard Sears provides a technique for getting clients to leave behind behaviors that are not working—using their own life experiences!


Re-Thinking Borderline Personality Disorder

Janina Fisher, PhD, shares 6 key insights

Janina Fisher, Ph.D.

A trauma perspective opens up new ways of working with clients with BPD, helping us understand their challenging behaviors as consequences of being traumatized and fragmented. Janina Fisher shares her clinical wisdom and insight on reaching these clients.


Reduce Anxiety with Self-Havening Touch & Breathwork

A powerful partnership for calming the brain and body

Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA

Havening Techniques are a new suite of neuroscience-based interventions designed for fast and effective treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and other fear-based disorders such as anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias. Dr. Kate Truitt demonstrates a simple but powerful exercise that clients can use whenever they are experiencing distress.


What ‘Encanto’ Can Teach Clinicians About Intergenerational Trauma

Reflections on the popular Disney film & strategies for working with clients

Charissa Pizarro, PsyD, RPT

Dr. Charissa Pizarro reflects on how 'Encanto' captures the experience of many immigrants and refugees, as well as provides strategies for clinicians to begin to address their clients' intergenerational trauma.


Using EMDR Therapy to Treat Eating Disorders


Can EMDR be used to treat eating disorders? EMDR is a common treatment for PTSD – however, research shows that many eating disorders may stem from underlying trauma.


Taking an ACT Approach to Disordered Eating

3 strategies to help clients let go of food and weight struggles

Diana Hill, PhD

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy works to promote psychological flexibility while helping clients get unstuck from painful patterns of avoidance. ACT expert Diana Hill, PhD, shares how this approach can be used to heal clients' relationships with food and weight.


How to Become a Certified EMDR Therapist


Considering becoming an EMDR certified therapist? Learn what a therapist does in EMDR, as well as the criteria to become certified today from our guide.


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