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Introspection and intimacy are inextricably linked. When we truly love and allow ourselves to feel love, our tender spots, emotional wounds, and deepest fears are revealed. And while it can be scary at times, it opens the possibility for each of us to be seen and loved as our most authentic selves, and heal from the times we weren’t.

Awareness provides the foundation for thriving intimate relationships. The journey of developing Relational Self-Awareness is not about striving for perfection—it’s about becoming humble and curious about our inner world and the way we relate to others. In Love Every Day: 365 Relational Self-Awareness Practices to Help Your Relationship Heal, Grow, and Thrive, you will be invited to cultivate and improve skills such as listening with empathy, understanding and interrupting unhealthy patterns, advocating for your needs, offering heartfelt apologies, tending to your inner child (or what I call Little You), practicing self-compassion, and so much more. In addition, one of the pillars of Relational Self-Awareness is the practice of adjusting our lens to understand how our inner world, our relationship patterns, and our larger cultural context all affect and influence each other.

My hope is that Relational Self-Awareness can become your trusty internal compass, guiding you toward relationships that nourish you and away from those that don’t. To celebrate relationships today and every day, I’m giving you free daily practices that offer a sneak peek into my book, Love Every Day: 365 Relational Self-Awareness Practices to Help Your Relationship Heal, Grow, and Thrive.

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Redefine what it means to love and be loved
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From relationship expert and best-selling author Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon, Love Every Day offers 365 daily practices to cultivate a curious and compassionate approach to your relationships with others, as well as your relationship with yourself.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or between relationships, this book invites you to develop awareness, curiosity, and empowerment so that you can be seen and loved as your most authentic self – and heal from times when you weren’t.

Meet the Expert:
Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD, is staff clinical psychologist, member of the teaching faculty in the marriage and family therapy graduate program, and clinical assistant professor of psychology at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. In addition to her clinical work with couples and individuals, Solomon teaches graduate and undergraduate students.

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