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The Energetic Exhale

The incredibly simple and powerful mindfulness practice that only takes a second...

Terry Fralich, LCPC

We all experience times of anxiety, stress, frustration, anger and impatience. But getting stuck in these states can take a tremendous toll on our bodies, impair our thinking, and make it difficult to speak or act effectively.

That's why I teach my clients this incredibly simple and powerfully effective mindfulness practice that can calm our nervous system in seconds...

Let me show you in this free short video...

Terry Fralich, LCPC & PESI

PS...My new online certificate course on Mindfulness for Clinical Practice is full of interventions for trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, improved sexual intimacy and more. Click here for details (plus a special offer).

Topic: Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry | Mindfulness | Self-Compassion | Self-Regulation

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017 12:13:19 PM | posted by Michaele Paoli
The power of breath is astounding and I encourage it regularly with my clients.