How Process-Based Therapy is Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment

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As clinicians, you have toolbelts full of strategies to help your clients. But every client is different, and it's hard to know what "tool" to use with which client - even among those with the same diagnosis.

Process-Based Therapy (PBT) provides a powerful roadmap of the specific patterns and processes that underlie ALL psychological suffering and a reliable guide for what to do and when. It provides individualized care to the person in front of you—not their diagnosis.

That's why we're inviting you to earn one-hour of FREE CE during this experiential workshop, with PBT experts Drs. Joseph Ciarrochi and Diana Hill. In this one-hour experiential workshop, they will guide you through:
  • What PBT is, why it matters, and how it provides individualized care
  • A live demonstration of a network-based care conceptualization real play
  • How to integrate PBT to enhance existing therapeutic modalities you already use

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Say Goodbye to the Outdated Era of "Protocols for Syndromes"
Unleashing the Power of Process-Based Therapy
Join PBT experts Drs. Joseph Ciarrochi and Diana Hill for this experiential workshop as they unveil how PBT equips you with a powerful roadmap, unravelling distinct patterns and processes underlying all psychological distress.

With their expert guidance, you'll learn the skills to reveal the hidden drivers of your clients' distress, customize interventions to reshape the very patterns that fuel their distress, and seamlessly integrate PBT with your existing therapeutic modalities, making your practice even more effective and versatile.

And don't miss this captivating discussion as we welcome special guest, esteemed Dr. Steven Hayes, who will shed light on the future of individualized psychotherapy and the transformative power of PBT to promote growth, resilience, and well-being for your clients!

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