The Mind-Body Connection: Couples, Sex, and Somatic Therapy

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Deborah Fox, MSW

There is no conversation worth having if the nervous system isn’t in a settled state. When couples become emotionally charged their nervous systems become alert and ready to defend—keeping vulnerable feelings buried and interfering with their ability to effectively engage with their partner.

  • Discover how to engage the parasympathetic nervous system at the beginning of every session
  • Techniques and tips for settling the nervous system
  • Structuring conversation to keep the parasympathetic system engaged
  • Tracking the body for subtle signs of nervous system activation
  • How the language of the body can be used as a resource for therapeutic inquiry

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Deborah Fox, MSW, is part of the online summit: Integrating the Body in Psychotherapy. Fox is presenting on Somatic Interventions in Couples Therapy.
Take your couples therapy practice to the next level with this...
Throughout her 30-year career, Dr. Tammy Nelson found that couples therapists have traditionally been taught little about sex therapy, and sex therapists have minimal education in relationship systems. This leaves clinicians searching for more interventions for both couples and sexuality. To bridge the gap, Dr. Nelson, relationship expert and board-certified sexologist, has gathered the top authorities in the field of integrative treatment to create this groundbreaking book for all therapists looking for a comprehensive treatment resource.

Featuring new approaches combining sex therapy and relationship counseling, Integrative Sex & Couples Therapy brings treatment skills into practice, with real-world experiences, interventions, techniques, strategies, and case examples.

Meet the Expert:
Deborah Fox, MSW, is an AASECT certified sex therapist and a certified Imago Relationship therapist in private practice in Washington, DC. She offers individual, couples, and group psychotherapy, as well as clinical consultation. Deborah conducts seminars and consultation groups on couples therapy and sex therapy. She has presented on these subjects at the Washington School of Psychiatry, the Greater Washington Society of Clinical Social Workers, the Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute, and at the 2018 International Imago Relationship Therapy Conference. Deborah is an AASECT continuing education provider and an AASECT certified sex therapy supervisor in training. She is passionate about taking sex and couples therapy to a deeper emotional level and enabling greater intimacy and satisfaction.

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Topic: Families and Couples

Tags: Couple Therapy | Sexuality

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