The Trauma Therapist Podcast: The Author Series with Donald Altman

PESI author Donald Altman, MA, LPC, sat down with Guy Macpherson, PhD, to discuss his new book, Reflect, on a 2019 September episode of The Trauma Therapist Podcast. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Guy Macpherson (12:13): Share with the listeners why you wrote this book and how you structured it?

Donald Altman (12:26): One of the reasons I wrote this book is I feel that, the ability for sustained attention, which is something that wires our brain up in a particular way and allows us to focus, to look being really splintered, fractured, diminished by having so many distractions throughout the day. And I mean, I hear this from so many people that they have trouble just slowing down the mind-just slowing down ourselves first of all-but slowing down the mind. And I think, technology has in some way-for all the benefits it has-it also has sped us up internally. Think of all the pop up windows, all the little things trying to grab our attention... have to wonder at some level how many of these intentions, or how many of these things that are grabbing me and making me think, "Oh, I want that," or "I need this,"...are really what I want? I mean, how can we start to really explore our own needs and not have them be prompted by all these external kinds of events? And so what I wanted to do was create something that would be a mindfulness practice for the 21st century when we all are on the go all the time, when we're being assaulted in some way by all of these messages. How can we come back to this present moment?

...And so I thought a short reading where you could look at it and then reflect on it throughout the day. And when you pause and reflect inward you're actually strengthening what I like to call that reflect module of the brain, this prefrontal cortex.

Guy Macpherson (18:15): How do you think therapists, counselors, and clinicians can utilize this or benefit from this book?

Donald Altman (18:24): Well, on one level I think it's almost a workbook-that the reading could be something that could be used in a session related to something that client may be dealing with. And then there are three questions or prompts on the opposite page. And those can be journaled during the week. They can be reflected on in a session. And, each of those prompts is designed to get the individual using the book going more deeply into thinking about this reflection and also thinking about how they can put that into action. So, the bottom of the three prompts is actually a bit of a practice. What I wanted to do was to make this something that was very interactive for people, that they could start to explore.

Listen to the full interview:

Reflect Book Cover
Reflect taps into your unique human capacity for accessing meaning, presence, and wisdom in 108 inspiring, affirming, and illuminating reflections. You’ll journal, reflect, and practice, to discover the wonder and stillness of presence that exist for you, not tomorrow, but in this next awakening moment.

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Meet the Author:
Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, is a psychotherapist, award-winning author, and former Buddhist monk. Featured in The Mindfulness Movie and profiled in the Living Spiritual Teachers Project, he has written over 15 books that teach how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life. Award-winning books include: The Mindfulness Toolbox—winner of two Gold IBPA Benjamin Franklin™ Awards as best book in the “Psychology” and “Body-Mind-Spirit” categories, Clearing Emotional Clutter—selected “One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2016” and The Mindfulness Code— chosen “One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2010.”

Donald has reached out to the community by serving as vice president of The Center for Mindful Eating and as an adjunct professor in Portland State University’s Interpersonal Neurology Certificate Program. He travels internationally, spreading seeds of mindfulness as a health and business consultant, keynote speaker, and mindfulness workshop leader. He lives in Portland, where he enjoys mindfully riding his motorcycle through Oregon’s natural beauty.

His new book is Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now.

Learn more about his educational products, including his upcoming live seminars, by clicking here.

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