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Narcissistic Abuse for Therapists
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  1. Analyze how abuse from individuals with narcissistic personality disorder in the context of romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships can lead to long term effects for clients.
  2. Differentiate narcissistic abuse from other forms of emotional abuse to improve your ability to recognize the subtle signs that clients may be victims.
  3. Employ in-session psychoeducation approaches to help clients become aware of narcissistic behavior in their lives and recognize the consequences.
  4. Analyze common mistakes made by practitioners in the treatment of survivors of narcissistic abuse.
  5. Employ exercises to help survivors of narcissistic abuse build assertive communication skills.
  6. Investigate the current research and treatment limitations surrounding work with survivors of narcissistic abuse.

A Clinician’s Guide to Narcissism:
Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the Spectrum of Narcissistic Traits

  • DSM-5™ criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Social and culturally acquired definitions
  • The spectrum of narcissistic traits
  • Narcissistic traits without meeting criteria for NPD
  • Psychoeducation for survivors about NPD, narcissistic behavior and its consequences
Narcissistic Abuse and General Emotional Abuse:
Similarities, Differences and Tactics Impacting Detection and Treatment
  • Goals of perpetrators of emotional abuse vs. narcissistic abuse
  • Cycle of abuse in narcissistic relationships
  • Gaslighting and other tactics of manipulation and coercion
  • What is narcissistic supply?
  • Subtypes: engulfing and ignoring/neglecting
Narcissistic Abuse in Specific Relationships:
Dynamics and Impacts
  • Romantic/intimate relationships/sex addiction
  • Co-parenting vs counter-parenting
  • Friendships and frenemies
  • Family of origin – the golden child, black sheep, scapegoat, and invisible child
  • Lack of self-esteem, difficulties trusting others, C-PTSD and other effects of narcissistic abuse
Potential Missteps and Traps to Avoid
  • Everyone’s a narcissist (over-pathologizing problematic behaviors)
  • No one’s a narcissist (dismissing client reports because you can’t diagnose NPD)
  • Pushing for reconciliation or family therapy
  • Inadvertently gaslighting clients by questioning hard-to-spot emotional manipulation
  • Not focusing enough on calming the underlying trauma triggers
Victims of Narcissistic Abuse in Therapy:
Break the Cycle of Abuse through Increased Autonomy, Agency and Sense-of-Self
  • Building assertiveness and individuation – strategies to help clients be their own individual
    • Exercises to help clients discover their own preferences, interests, desires, and goals
    • Teach clients to distinguish between assertiveness, aggression, and passive aggression
    • Counteract internalized messaging that assertive communication is harmful, cold, cruel, or harsh
    • Prepare clients for the backlash that often attends increasing autonomy and agency
    • Cultural sensitivity considerations
  • Exploring levels of contact and clients’ wishes regarding contact
    • Developing healthy boundaries -- how to best protect themselves within the relationship parameters they choose
    • Processing guilt/shame over setting boundaries and saying no
    • Coping strategies for when contact is inevitable
Additional Approaches and Considerations
  • Trauma competency – an essential for working with these clients
  • Inner child work to heal attachment wounds
  • Is family therapy advised?
  • Specific modalities to explore - AEDP, IFS, EMDR, SE, BSP, Gestalt
  • Research, risks and treatment limitations
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