Religious Trauma, Spiritual Abuse and Cult Recovery: Treating the Trauma Caused by Adverse Religious Experiences

Anna Clark Miller, LPC-S, grew up on the mission field and spent her early adulthood working and volunteering in churches. As a counseling grad student, however, she became aware of her body’s trauma responses and started connecting them with past experiences in highly controlling religious communities. Today she specializes in treating survivors of religious trauma. Her book Religious Trauma Survival Guide: Education and Recovery for Survivors and Professionals, offers a tangible path to healing from high-control religious experiences. She is also the host of the podcast, Martyr, She Wrote for religious trauma survivors who are looking for education, empathy, and recovery. Each episode features an interview with a survivor or expert on topics including abusive religious leaders, religious OCD, BIPOC and queer experiences, clergy religious trauma, and more.

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