Lori La Bey is a passionate advocate who searches for ways to shift our dementia care culture from crisis to comfort around the world. She was recognized by Sharecare and Dr. Oz as the #1 influencer online for Alzheimer’s. Maria Shriver honors Lori as an "Architect of Change" for humanity and Oprah named her a "Health Hero." As a professional speaker and daughter of a mother with dementia for over thirty years, La Bey understands the existing challenges that geriatric healthcare professionals are faced with.

Lori started Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio in 2011, the first program dedicated to dementia in the world. She offers a webinar series titled, "Dementia Chats". The webinar guests are living with a form of dementia. She has gone on to launch a video series, Dementia Quick Tips, and Dementia Map, a global resource directory. Lori’s ultimate goal is to connect people to best practices and facilitate needed conversations regarding dementia care worldwide.