Dr. Molly McClain completed medical and public health training at Oregon Health Sciences University and Family Medicine residency at University of New Mexico, where she is now the residency Program Director working in primary care revealed illnesses and issues not explained in her medical training.  Her search to understand the foundations of her patient's concerns led her to Polyvagal Theory and on a path toward her own healing.  Dr. McClain is interested in learning and sharing applications of PVT for patients and for people who work in the medical system.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Dr. Molly McClain has employment relationships with the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Encino Clinic, Deseo Clinic, PRISM Clinic, and the Rural and Urban Underserved Program for Medical Students. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.

Non-financial: Dr. Molly McClain is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, and the World Professional Association of Transgender Health.