<Elizabeth McMahon, PhD, is an expert on Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) for anxiety and an engaging and sought-after teacher known for her ability to translate research into practical skills for clinicians.  She has been using VR in therapy and training other therapists in this technology since 2010.

Dr. McMahon has presented at VR and healthcare conferences, at the Technology Mind & Society conference, and has taught accredited CE workshops for PESI, APA, California Psychological Association, regional psychological associations, and other organizations.  Her 10-week webinar on VRT was attended by therpists around the wrold and her talks receive ratings.

Her workbook, Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Interactive Guide helps clients prepare for treatment.  Her therapist workbook, Virtual Reality THerapy for Anxiety: A Guide for Therapists, will be published in 2021 in Routledge.

Dr. McMahon earned her PhD in clinical psychology from Case Western Reserve University, completed a post-doctoral residency at Sheppard-Pratt Psychiatric Hospital, and worked for Kaiser Psychiatry Department in Fremont before entering private practice.  While at Kaiser, she helped create regional best practices for anxiety disorders, wrote the first health education class on anxiety, supervised post-doctoral psychology residents, and gave numerous presentations on anxiety and using VR to professional and lay audiences.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Elizabeth McMahon is in private practice. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Elizabeth McMahon is a member of the American Psychological Association; the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; and the California Psychological Association.