There are thousands of victims. Will you help them heal?

Bessel A. van der Kolk, M.D.

Traumatized people chronically feel unsafe inside their bodies: The past is alive in the form of gnawing interior discomfort. Their bodies are constantly bombarded by visceral warning signs, and, in an attempt to control these processes, they often become expert at ignoring their gut feelings and in numbing awareness of what is played out inside. They learn to hide from their selves.

For those struggling to heal from traumatic experiences, there is new hope: Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback is a technique in which we train the brain to help improve its ability to take care of itself. By challenging the brain, much as you challenge your body in physical exercise, nuerofeedback can help your brain learn to function better.

But for so many traumatized children and adults, neurofeedback remains out of reach...

For this reason I have created a free CE video giving an in-depth discussion of the promising way to rewire the brain – through neurofeedback.

You'll learn what neurofeedback is, how we study it, and see the remarkable results that we've obtained thus far.

I'll also tell you why right now, neurofeedback is not eligible for insurance reimbursement and what you and I, together, can do about that.

I appreciate your dedication to improving trauma treatment and committing yourself so much to the mental health profession.

Please, enjoy my free CE seminar - and share with your colleagues to help me get the word out.

Bessel van der Kolk

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Topic: Trauma

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