5 Resources for Virtual EMDR

Free Tools to Bring to Your Next Session


How can you ensure that your online EMDR trauma treatment sessions are as productive as your in-person ones?

Telehealth has made treatment more accessible to clients, but implementing EMDR in virtual care can lead to new challenges. That’s why Megan McQuary, LCSW, CSUD, EMDR CIT, is here to share EMDR tools you can quickly and easily employ in virtual sessions without sacrificing clinical effectiveness.

These virtual resources will take your video-based EMDR sessions to the next level and make them more effective and intuitive than ever before. Best of all, these resources are completely free.

From bilateral stimulation to the use of sound pulses and congruent tapping, feel prepared to use EMDR when in-person sessions aren’t possible.

The resources shown in the video:
The Butterfly Hug Demonstration
Bilateral Stimulation Music
Bilateral Pulse Binaural Beats
Bilateral Stimulation EMDR Playlist
Visual Bilateral Stimulation Tool

Need more information about how to lay the groundwork for successful online EMDR sessions? Check out this first blog in this series: Adapting EMDR to Telehealth.

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Meet the Expert:
Megan McQuary, LCSW, CSUD, EMDR CIT, was trained on the use of EMDR as a treatment protocol through EMDRIA and uses EMDR in her practice to achieve improved outcomes with a broad spectrum of clients in the areas of trauma, abuse, and substance abuse.

She is certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional through the International Association of Trauma Professionals and currently owns and operates one of the largest treatment centers for substance abuse and trauma in the state of Idaho. She has been invited to train internationally at the International Society of Addiction Medicine in India and at the International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy in Amsterdam.

Mrs. McQuary earned her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Northwest Nazarene University and is a member of EMDRIA and the International Society of Addiction Medicine.

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