Video: Identifying and Guiding Change Talk

With Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D.

Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D.

From the desk of Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D...

I hear from therapists, teachers and other professionals around the world who are frustrated with client conversations regarding change.

I’ve spent my career asking very serious questions to understand what good practice is. These questions led to developing Motivational Interviewing; a style of conversation that evokes your client’s own reasons to change.

Over 450 controlled trials of Motivational Interviewing have proven it to be effective in both mental health and healthcare settings.

One of the reasons MI is so powerful is that change talk rarely happens naturally. A skilled therapist trained in Motivational Interviewing, however, can guide their client toward change in a positive and supportive way.

Let me show you how in this short video...

You: May I ask you, could we spend a few minutes talking about alcohol, how it helps and what else you've noticed about it?

Client: well, as I said, it calms my nerves, but it can't go on like this forever

You: although it helps, you're concerned about it

Client: well I'm not an alcoholic you know but I can't be drinking with the kids around

You: because you want to be a responsible mother

Client: yes, they are my No 1 priority

You: and if you drink you worry you might neglect them

Client: No, never, I wont neglect them, but I get like selfish and I shout at them

You: and that's not fair on them

Client: exactly, but then I get trapped when we leave for school, I either calm my nerves with a drink or shake like a baby, and that's not good for them either, to see me like that

You: like you are stuck in a corner, with no way out

Client: well that's why I'm here I guess, to find a way out

You: What will be the most helpful for you now?

Client: to see if there is a way to get out of the house without drinking

You: and to get more control over those panicky feelings

Client: yes exactly that's me, I've got to do it differently now

Topic: Motivational Interviewing (MI)

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