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Anxiety in Children and Adolescents:
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  1. Engage anxious kids with a supportive communication approach that encourages them to openly express and discuss their feelings of anxiety.
  2. Communicate how breathing strategies can be used to bring physical calm and reduce reactivity in anxious kids and adolescents.
  3. Characterize how logical and natural consequences can be used in school disciplinary situations to address problem behaviors without increasing anxiety.
  4. Teach kids with anxiety to implement self-soothing coping skills to help them calm down when they are upset, anxious or worried.
  5. Establish how co-occurring disorders like depression impact the treatment of childhood anxiety.
  6. Identify how clinical and non-clinical providers might inadvertently contribute to anxiety.
Identify Anxious Kids and Adolescents
  • The value of worry?
  • Behavioral patterns and physical symptoms
  • Recognize the “silent sufferer”
  • Identify causes and contributing factors
When Anxiety Overlaps Other Mental Health Conditions and Issues
  • Anxiety as a “gateway problem”
  • ADHD
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Shyness and introversion
  • Being over-extended
  • Undiagnosed learning disabilities
  • Paralysis of perfection
Practical Steps for Alleviating Anxiety:
Techniques to Calm Reactivity and Build Resiliency
  • Trigger identification – emotional memory and reactivity
  • Harness the natural mindfulness of children
  • Exercises to calm reactivity
    • Simple yoga for kids
    • Breathing strategies to bring physical calm
    • Ground with the senses
  • Exercises that use the body to ease anxiety
    • Self-observation
    • ”Make Way for Movement”
    • ”Boosting Boundaries”
    • Muscle relaxation
  • Coping and self-soothing skills
    • ”Letting Go Rituals”
    • ”Heart Opening Visualization”
    • How to handle conflict
    • Nourish relationships and gratitude
  • Research limitation and risks
Simple but Effective Complementary Approaches
  • Exercise and physical activity
  • The role of nutrition in anxiety
  • Sleep routine and ritual
  • Gratitude exercises
Empower Kids to Overcome School-Based Anxiety
  • How to counter negative rehearsal
  • Tips and tactics to address:
    • Social anxiety
    • Peer pressure
    • Bullies and gossip
    • Separation anxiety
    • Meltdowns
    • Test anxiety
  • The environment of anxiety
    • How you might be contributing to anxiety
    • Build a supportive environment
    • Transitions: planning for the “unplanned”
  • It’s a family affair – working with parents
  • Discipline without increasing anxiety
    • De-escalate interactions with anxious children
    • How to use logical and natural consequences


Sherianna Boyle, M.Ed., CAGS, is a former school psychologist who worked in an elementary school setting and is now a professional speaker. The author of seven books, her most recent release was Emotional Detox (Simon & Schuster). Her book The Four Gifts of Anxiety has been recognized and shelved by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, 2015’s Choosing Love was listed under the top 10 New Year books 2016 with Metro US, and The Conscious Parenting Guide for Overcoming Childhood Anxiety found its way in the top 20 book sales for Barnes and Noble in 2016.

Sherianna has continued her work in the education field speaking to organizations such as The Massachusetts Teacher Association about supporting families and children with anxiety. She also teaches psychology and yoga for course credit at Cape Cod Community College and has experience developing curriculum for The Center for Corporate and Professional Education.

Sherianna has a Masters in education as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in school psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Sherianna Boyle is an author for Simon & Schuster and receives royalties. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Sherianna Boyle has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.
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