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Addressing Modern Sexual Issues in Therapy
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  1. Analyze how sexuality has evolved alongside modern technology, media, and social changes and impacted clinical treatment.
  2. Define “pansexuality” and other fluid concepts of sexual orientation and identify how to support transgender children, teens, and their families in a clinical setting.
  3. Develop an increase in clients’ sexual integrity and self-control through self-understanding and shame reduction treatment techniques.
  4. Evaluate treatment strategies to distinguish healthy sexual diversity from sexual symptoms of emotional disturbance related to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders.
  5. Implement techniques for helping clients and their families understand and contextualize their sexuality, reducing clients’ fear and shame about sexuality.
  6. Apply a nonjudgmental diagnostic framework towards a client’s sexual interests and behaviors.
  7. Evaluate clinical strategies for assessing, treating, and responding to unique, modern sexual dilemmas.
Sex, Technology, and the History of Mental Health and Sex
  • The impact of the Internet on modern sexuality
  • Nymphomania and satyriasis
  • Sex addiction
  • When homosexuality was a disease
Sexual Orientations
  • Social shifts and attitudes towards homosexuality and bisexuality
  • Gender fluidity and modern concepts of pansexuality, genderqueer, etc.
  • Supporting transgender teens and children in therapy
  • Case studies and resources to understand sexual fluidity concepts
Nonmonogamous Relationships and Casual Sex
  • Different types of open relationships, from swinging to polyamory
  • Who is pursing these relationships and why?
  • Impact of nonmonogamy and casual sex on families, children and emotional health
  • Help clients to figure out whether casual sex or an open relationship is right for them or their marriage
  • Case studies and resources for understanding and incorporating nonmonogamy in therapy
Internet Pornography
  • Explore research about pornography use
  • Address issues of pornography use in therapy
  • Resolve moral/religious conflicts about pornography use
  • Assist couples in negotiating boundaries around pornography use
  • Case studies and resources for assisting patients in understanding and resolving porn-related problems
Teens and Sexting
  • Review research and changing social attitudes/laws on teen sexting
  • Identify the risks/benefits of teen sexting
  • Help parents to deal with their fears of teen sexting and educate youth about safety, responsibility
  • Case studies of teens harmed by sexting and the social response to it
  • Resources for assisting patients in understanding teen sexting
BDMS and Kink
  • Changing social attitudes towards BDSM
  • Research on prevalence, impact, and personality of BDSM
  • Why patients keep BDSM secret from their therapists
  • How to separate trauma from BDSM in therapy
  • Case studies of couples and individuals who incorporate BDSM in their lives and relationships
  • Resources for assisting patients in understanding BDSM
Assessment Strategies, Interventions, and Therapy Techniques
  • Self-assessment strategies for therapists to reduce and understand bias
  • Shame reduction strategies in therapy
  • Assist clients in negotiating relationships around modern sexuality
  • Assessment strategies to identify roles/functions of sexual behaviors in life, personality, coping
  • Harm reduction strategies to manage porn impact
  • Tools to help patients be safer on the Internet
Limitations of Clinical Research
  • Subjective definitions and terms regarding sexuality are constantly evolving
  • Research bias regarding sexuality is common and rarely disclosed
  • Cross-cultural sexual effects are rarely described or investigated


David Ley, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and internationally-recognized expert on issues related to sexuality, pornography, and mental health. He has served as an expert consultant for numerous media outlets, appearing with Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil, Tom Ashbrook, and Dan Savage. He has also been interviewed in publications ranging from the LA Times to the London Telegraph, and he has published extensively in both the academic and pop realms of literature. His books, The Myth of Sex Addiction (2012) and Insatiable Wives (2009), were revolutionary explorations of sexual issues which blended a powerful client-centered narrative with a rich understanding of psychology, biology and sociology.

Dr. Ley has provided treatment around sexuality-related issues for over 20 years, ranging from treatment of sexual offenders to counseling alternative sexuality couples and individuals. He has consulted with treatment programs around the world about addressing sexuality issues in their treatment. At the same time, he is executive director of a large behavioral health and substance abuse outpatient program, and supervises treatment to thousands of patients every year. As a result, Dr. Ley is able to bring a broad, practical approach to help mental health clinicians effectively address sexuality-related issues.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Lane David Ley is executive director for New Mexico Solutions. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: David Ley is co-chair of the New Mexico Youth Provider Alliance/New Mexico Behavioral Health Provider Association.
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