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Social-Emotional Learning Techniques for the Classroom
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  1. Differentiate between a growth versus fixed mindset and implement interventions to support the development of a growth mindset in students.
  2. Utilize structure in the classroom to create a positive learning environment that fosters teamwork and helps students to develop prosocial behavior and relationships with peers and adults.
  3. Implement instructional intervention strategies to support students’ social-emotional learning as it relates to frustration management, impulse control and perseverance to achieve personal and educational goals.
  4. Develop an explicit instructional plan for students to model positive self-talk and self-reflection on a behavior/task.
  5. Analyze common student behaviors and demonstrate the application of a positive behavioral strategy to facilitate social-emotional learning skills.
  6. Utilize educational strategies based on brain research that address neurodiversity among learners and increase engagement and motivation.
  • Cultivate Growth Mindset and Grit in Students
    • Growth vs Fixed Mindset: Research-based case studies
    • Build student perseverance: Video demonstrations
    • Develop resilience and grit toward rigorous and complex tasks
    • Prevent fear of failure and help students view mistakes as opportunities
  • Techniques, Activities & Instructional Practices To…
    • Increase Self-Awareness
      • Teach students how to assess their strengths and limitations
      • Increase self-confidence, optimism and self-efficacy
      • Help them identify emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations
      • Teach self-discipline and goal-setting skills
    • Improve Self-Regulation Skills
      • Model positive self-talk and effective self-reflection
      • Support executive-functioning needs
      • How to structure your lessons to reduce student conflicts
      • Way to develop problem-solving skills
      • Manage and cope with emotions using RULER (recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, regulating emotions)
    • Develop Social Awareness
      • Teach perspective taking and empathy
      • Stress-reduction techniques that can be used with all students
      • Types of stress and their effect on the learning brain
      • Ways to help children understand and better manage stress and its effects
      • Reduce classroom anxiety and increase student connection to lessons
      • Lesson plans on social and ethical norms for behavior
    • Build Relationship Skills
      • How to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships
      • Build teams that communicate clearly, listen and negotiate conflict constructively
      • Components of building positive and effective cooperative learning-based classrooms
      • Trust-building exercises to strengthen teacher and student relationships
    • Enhance Responsible Decision-Making Skills
      • Develop positive social-skill and responsible decision-making abilities
      • Problem-solving models to support effective decision-making
      • Five-step model to increase responsibility for learning
      • Advance problem-solving skills to evaluate solutions and consequences
      • Teach the process of making constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions
    • Respond to Trauma and Tragedy
      • Eight strategies for positively supporting students
      • Ways to calm the stress response related to anxiety or depression
      • Alternatives to zero-tolerance policies to help nurture resilience
      • Mitigate stress through mindfulness exercises, goalsetting activities and group identity-building
    • Neuro-Diversity Considerations
      • Resources on universal design for learning to increase student engagement
      • Power of differentiation to motivate learners
      • Multiple modalities instruction to regulate the brain
      • Beyond paper and pencil tasks
      • A multitude of technology resources to assess student learning


Savanna Flakes, Ed.S., PMC, is an engaging and enthusiastic international presenter who believes that every child has talents to offer and can be a contributing member in our classroom, school, and society. She is an award-winning teacher, experienced instructional leader, and educational consultant who has taught a variety of subjects and led professional development for multiple school levels on a range of topics such as differentiation, literacy interventions, inclusion, co-teaching, and specially designed instruction. She holds an Education Specialist Degree in Administration Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy, and Special Education. She is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBPTS), an International Education Technology Standards Certified Teacher (ISTE), a Google Certified Educator, and the author of the Inclusion Instructional Strategies Corner for MultiBriefs. Educators who have worked with Savanna in the past have often commented on her experience and knowledge of differentiated instructional strategies to ensure every learner has access to the curriculum and is ready for 21st century success.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Savanna Flakes is CEO for Inclusion for a Better Future, LLC. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Savanna Flakes has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.
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General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, School Administration, School Paraprofessionals, Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Other helping professionals who work with school-age children