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2-Day Experiential Workshop: Activity-Based Mindfulness for Kids
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  1. Present an introduction to the theory and practice of mindful awareness in the classroom and the clinic.
  2. Teach practical, mindful tools that can be applied in your professional work with children, teens and families.
  3. Observe demonstrations of mindful games that develop attention, emotional balance and compassion
  4. Explore age-appropriate, secular, mindful games and activities from the perspective of a child or teenager in small groups through role-play.
  5. Discern the connections between mindfulness, stress-reduction, attention, regulating emotion, regulating behavior, and learning.
  6. Determine ways to integrate mindfulness into existing programs and/or routines.
  7. Illustrate mindful awareness and its general applications in psychology and education.
  8. Present the Inner Kids evidence-based model and how it supports education and psychotherapy settings.
  9. Explore ways to integrate mindful life-skills into personal and professional life for self-care.
  10. Compile mindful strategies to ignore distractions & build flexible attention.
  11. Design mindful games and develop perspective talking.
  12. Build authentic mindful games for lasting psychological strength.


  • An Exploration of the Inner Kids Model and Activity-Based Mindfulness
  • A fun, pragmatic approach to mindfulness and meditation using games to develop six essential life skills:
    • Quieting
    • Focusing
    • Seeing
    • Reframing
    • Caring & Connecting
  • Experience mindful games: lecture, demonstrations and dyads


Quieting: Calming and Self-Regulation

  • Explore mindful strategies to:
    • Develop restraint
    • Release nervous energy
    • Calm and self-soothe
  • Experience a mindful activity: A Cooling Out-Breath, Shake It Up, and Gratitude Walk

Focusing: Attention and Concentration

  • Explore mindful strategies to develop:
    • Concentration
    • Help kids ignore distractions
    • Build steady, flexible attention
  • Experience mindful games/activities: Mindful Breathing, Counting Breaths, Tic-Toc, Slow and Silent Walking, and Visualizations

Seeing & Reframing: A Wise and Compassionate Worldview

  • Explore mindful strategies to explore:
    • Cause and effect
    • Develop perspective taking
    • Open-mindedness
    • Appreciation
  • Experience mindful games: Duck! Rabbit!, Pinky Pointing or Thumbs Game, Life is Good, and Three Good Things.

Caring & Connecting: Speaking and Acting with Wisdom and Compassion

  • Explore mindful strategies to develop:
    • Age-appropriate discernment
    • Self-care
    • Capacity to let go of old hurts and disappointments
    • Offer a roadmap for speaking and acting in a way that's helpful to self and others
  • Experience mindful games: Is it Helpful?, The Three Gates, What Did I Hear?, Resting and Noticing, Stargazing, Pink Bubble


Susan Kaiser Greenland, JD, is an internationally recognized leader in teaching mindfulness and meditation to children, teens, parents, and professionals. She played a foundational role in making mindfulness practices developmentally appropriate for young people and helped to pioneer activity-based mindfulness with her first book The Mindful Child. Her second book, Mindful Games, offers simple explanations of complex concepts, methods, and themes while expanding upon her work developing activity-based mindfulness practices. She speaks widely at prestigious institutions and meditation centers in the United States and abroad.

Susan worked as a corporate lawyer from 1988 to 2005 representing the ABC and later the CBS networks owned and operated television and radio stations. During that time she developed the Inner Kids model while volunteering in public schools teaching secular mindfulness. Inner Kids is a hybrid of classical mindfulness and meditation practices that have been adapted for children, and one of the first mindfulness programs in education. Susan and her husband, the author Seth Greenland, founded The Inner Kids Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that taught secular mindfulness in schools and community-based programs in the greater Los Angeles area from 2001 through 2009.

Susan was on the clinical team of the Pediatric Pain Clinic at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, co-investigator on several UCLA research studies on the impact of mindfulness in education, and a collaborator on an investigation of mindful eating for children and caregivers. Research on the Inner Kids elementary school program was published in The Journal of Applied School Psychology. In 2006, Susan was recognized as a “Champion for our Children” by First 5 LA, the largest and most influential children’s advocacy group in Los Angeles.

Susan has studied meditation with teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition since 1997. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, the author Seth Greenland. They have two grown children.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Susan Kaiser Greenland is an author and receives royalties. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Susan Kaiser Greenland is a board member of the Fdn for a Mindful Society.
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