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Relapse Prevention Counseling
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Dennis C. Daley, PhD
Dr. Daley is professor of psychiatry in the department at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Daley has written over 300 publications including books and workbooks on recovery from addiction, mental illness, or co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, emotions or moods and family recovery.


Antoine Douaihy, MD
Dr. Douaihy is associate professor of psychiatry, medical director of Addiction Medicine Services and medical director of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic’s inpatient dual diagnosis programs. He has authored or co-authored numerous books and chapters, papers and recovery guides for individuals and families.
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“This wonderful book gives clinicians practical, real-world strategies to help patients with substance use disorders in their recovery. From big-picture recommendations for treatment program directors to concrete suggestions about how to run specific types of groups for patients and their families, this book by two well-known experts in the field will be invaluable to many clinicians in their efforts to help patients.”

- Roger D. Weiss, MD,

Professor of Psychiatry - Harvard Medical School & Chief, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse - McLean Hospital

“Flowing from the pioneering work of Alan Marlatt, for whom this book is dedicated, Drs. Daley and Douaihy have provided a detailed summary of the relapse prevention approach. Additionally, the authors present relapse prevention within the broader context of recovery, which is consistent with the emphasis on changing one’s lifestyle as well as reducing or stopping alcohol or substance use. The book provides not only information about the model’s core components but also detailed methods for clinical application in individual and group counseling settings. As such, the book represents a rich resource for clinicians who work with individuals with addictive behaviors and for students who want to learn about an effective and evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders.”

- Dennis M. Donovan, PhD

Director, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute & Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences - University of Washington School of Medicine

“Drs. Daley and Douaihy are to be congratulated for creating a succinct and practical guidebook for therapists to help their clients maintain sobriety. Avoiding jargon, their book presents clear solutions on dealing with people, places and things. Therapists will find this resource extremely helpful!”

- Carl Rollynn Sullivan, MD

Professor and Vice-Chairman, Director of Addictions Programs & Department of Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry - West Virginia University School of Medicine

“Relapse Prevention Counseling is an excellent overview of practical fundamental relapse prevention strategies. The authors integrate a review of the empirical and clinical literature with their years of experience to illustrate relevant tools and techniques in a digestible manner for everyday clinical use. This book is a must-have for practitioners who provide services to clients with substance use disorders.”

- Billie Jo Smith, MS, LPC

Clinical Supervisor - Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic & Center for Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Services

“ Drs. Daley and Douaihy provide another rich guide of latest science and best practice. Additionally they offer individual and group practitioners an array of tools and strategies for practice, relapse prevention and recovery management that can make treatment more relevant and outcomes more successful. Grounded in the foundation of pioneers such as Alan Marlatt, Aaron Beck, David Burns, William White and others they add unique and exceptional insights for addressing the Dually Diagnosed, for strengthening Relapse Prevention and for including the too often understated critical role of the family in treatment. This work documents the evolution of our field. All professionals and agencies need to know it … and follow it.”

- Michael T. Flaherty, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Founder - Institute for Research, Education and Treatment of Addiction