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Size Matters Handwriting Program
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  1. Describe the Key Concepts of SMHP and how to use them.
  2. Summarize the evidence and literature supporting handwriting instruction and the Size Matters Handwriting Program.
  3. Outline how to implement the Size Matters Handwriting Program in a variety of settings.
  4. Explain how to score for Letter Size, inside and outside spacing and copying.
  5. Administer the Intake, interpret findings and identify appropriate treatments, modifications or accommodations.
  6. Write observable and measurable handwriting IEP goals.
  7. Create your own supportive materials for use in your classrooms so you can get your students and teachers stared on the road to functional legible printing.

Why Teach Handwriting?

  • Handwriting-the evidence
  • MRI studies linking writing with learning
  • The journey and efficacy behind the Size Matters Handwriting Program
  • P = .001 level of significance!!!
  • Why this concept-driven approach (versus workbook-driven) is a game-changer

8 Key Concepts + Embedded Instruction = Legibility and Functionality

  • Writing Lines, Go Lines and Finish Lines
  • Letter lines
  • Stop reversals with Super C
  • Touch points
  • Starting points and initial lines
  • Letter size
  • Self-monitoring and self-determination
  • Inside spacing/outside spacing

Strategies, Techniques & Implementation

  • Embed handwriting sensibility into language arts, social studies, science and math lessons during push-in collaboration
  • Low-tech and high-tech options you can make to strengthen teacher carryover, student buy-in and overall neat printing
  • Empower students with The Dice Game
  • Easy scoring + self-scoring = quantitative data anytime, anywhere
  • Star-worthy letters
  • Wall of handwriting fame
  • Handwriting club
  • Written language production standards
    • Handwriting methods and goals to complement the Common Core
  • Letter line equations and other instructive letter line games
  • Make your own letter builders-a great center time activity
  • Graduate printers to higher grade level paper when handwriting is part of your curriculum, therapeutic intervention, RTI and more

Quantifying Handwriting

  • Initial assessment, including the Point of View Survey
  • Scoring accuracy in letter size and spacing in seconds
  • Copying assessment
  • Writing measurable, obtainable and reimbursable handwriting IEP goals
  • Treatment scenarios with accommodations, modifications, treatment options and more
  • Fiscal responsibility - save your schools and districts money by investing in concepts rather than workbooks
  • Hands-on exploration and labs


Beverly H. Moskowitz, DOT, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA, is a nationally recognized speaker with over 38 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist and a specialist in educationally based practice. As a consultant and school therapist, she serviced more than 15 school districts, working in over 60 different settings. Her broad exposure to varied teaching methods, administrative concerns and treatment interventions confirmed her resolve to insure function, participation and inclusion for all students without wasting time or money.

In 2010, Bev launched Real OT Solutions, Inc. Its mission is to provide therapists, teachers, schools, parents and kids, with Effective, Efficient, Affordable and Fun solutions to school needs. Guided by the research and literature regarding motor, motivational and learning theories, development, brain function and printing skills in particular, Bev conceptualized constructs and strategies to enable her students to achieve real and lasting improvements in handwriting. The result has been a body of intellectual property and products that reflect current educational policy and practices alongside the latest evidence and curricular demands.

Author of multiple publications including Practical Strategies for Increasing the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Impact of Your School-Based Occupational Therapy Practice, she strives to teach other therapists how to implement best practices. Bev has also authored the largest research study ever done on handwriting.

Bev earned her Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master’s and Doctorate from Temple University, and serves on the Advisory Board for Temple University. She continues to mentor, consult, teach, research, develop new materials and learn.
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