Online Delivery Formats

Video Webcasts
The Video Webcast is a seminar with audio and video streamed directly to your computer. Since this is a broadcast, you attend on a specific date and time. In many cases, you can participate in discussions and ask the speakers questions. The Video Webcast format is a great option for those who wish they could attend the live event but cannot be away from the office or for those who simply prefer to gain their CE from the comfort of their home/work rather than travel. The Video Webcast format will either offer Live Credit (Interactive) or Self-Study Credit (Home-Study/ Independent). Please check each program for the type of CE offered.

Streaming Seminars (Rent-It)
The Streaming seminar is accessed solely from your computer. The content is ‘streamed’ across the internet and played back on your PC. Streaming is great for watching video and/or listening to audio without needing to download any files to your computer. It is also a great option for customers who are using a work PC where downloading and saving files are restricted. Streaming seminars are only accessible for a limited amount of time; typically 14 days from the date of purchase.

Downloadable Seminars (Buy-It)
The Downloadable seminar differs from Streaming in that you download the media file(s) and can access them for as long as you like. They can be viewed/listened to on your computer, MP3 player, tablet, or smart phone. The Downloadable seminar is a great option for users who want to take the course with them, for users who want to access it longer than the rental period, or for users who cannot access streaming content.