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Survival Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
Survival Spanish for Healthcare Professionals


When:  Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Course Description
Tired of relying on the patient's family members, your co-workers, or even telephone assistance to handle simple conversations with Spanish-speakers? What if you could learn just enough Spanish to get through a typical workday all on your own? And, what if you could do so while having some fun at the same time?

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals is a beginning Spanish program, designed for healthcare personnel who understand and speak very little, or no, Spanish and are interested in an effective, non-threatening language learning experience. Course content includes basic vocabulary and grammar, along with conversational expressions, questions, and commands tailored to the needs of all those attending. Instruction is "real-life" and geared for today's busy adult learner, taught in an atmosphere that guarantees rapid language acquisition and valuable cross-cultural awareness. Learning Medical Spanish is finally possible without the hassle of traditional classroom instruction. Sign up for this life-changing seminar.
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Learner Objectives:

  1. Distinguish the key communication differences between U.S. and Latino cultures.
  2. Discuss Spanish words and expressions related to healthcare situations.
  3. Demonstrate effective communication in Spanish with comfort and moderate proficiency.
  4. Apply knowledge to assist co-workers in need of basic Spanish skills.
  5. Devise methods to communicate in an emergency situation with a Spanish-speaking patient.
  6. Demonstrate a basic health screening assessment in Spanish.


Anna Plage served as a translator at Children International's Guadalajara health clinic; she has also worked as a professional medical and legal interpreter for over a decade in both Mexico and the United States. Anna graduated valedictorian with a B.A. in International Relations from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico. She has worked extensively with learners of second languages through corporate classes, webinars, one-on-one sessions, and at some of the most highly-recognized language-learning institutions worldwide, including Harmon Hall and Mexico's PriceTalk. As voted by her peers and students, in 2012 Anna received the Excellence in Teaching recognition from Harmon Hall for her accelerated learning program, loosely based on the Lozanov method and incorporating Brain Gym® techniques.

Anna is a member of special distinction of the National Forensics League - guest speaking most recently at the largest model United Nations in Mexico. She is also a guest speaker on open panels on the conflict in Central Africa and on gender and development. Anna has been published in peer-reviewed journals in both English and Spanish on culture and its effect on development, including the articles "U.S. Policy and Gender Mainstreaming in Afghanistan" (2010) and "Neomercantilismo y la Relación Sino-Venezolana" (2009).

Her innovative teaching style makes learning language fun and unintimidating - appealing to students of all kinds. Her love for language is reflected in her energy and passion for teaching.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Anna Plage receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Anna Plage has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.
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Materials that are included in this course may include interventions and modalities that are beyond the authorized practice of mental health professionals. As a licensed professional, you are responsible for reviewing the scope of practice, including activities that are defined in law as beyond the boundaries of practice in accordance with and in compliance with your professions standards.

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