EMDR State-Change Exercises: Tools for Trauma Treatment

Free printable worksheets from an EMDR expert


EMDR is an evidence-based treatment that helps our clients feel better in a shorter period of time.

But before we begin the work of trauma processing, it’s essential to make sure clients are equipped with skills to handle distress, discomfort, and any other difficult emotions that may arise during the phases of treatment.

That’s why Megan McQuary, LCSW, ACADC, CCTP-II, EMDR-C, has created this printable guide with some of her favorite state change exercises.

Practice these exercises with your clients before diving deep into trauma processing. Keep in mind that while these skills may seem simple, they can be difficult to master for those who are hyperaroused or dysregulated. Allow your client to guide the pace of treatment, and make sure they’re confident in their ability to use these state change exercises before proceeding forward.

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Meet the Expert:
Megan McQuary, LCSW, ACADC, CCTP-II, EMDR-C, is a Certified EMDR Clinician and Trainer, as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II through Evergreen Certifications. Megan also is an Advanced Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, who formerly owned and operated one of the largest treatment centers for substance abuse and trauma in Southeast Idaho, which was voted best in practice for 2019.

Her trainings have helped thousands of clinicians across the US get the most out of EMDR, trauma and addiction-based skills and practices. She has been invited to train internationally at the International Society of Addiction Medicine in India, the International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy in Amsterdam and at the Psicologia Institute of Italy. Megan has extensively been trained on the use of EMDR as a protocol and uses EMDR in her practice to achieve improved outcomes with a broad spectrum of clients in the areas of trauma, abuse, attachment and substance abuse. She is an expert witness at the State and Federal level for her expertise in areas surrounding trauma.

Ms. McQuary is the author of EMDR Workbook for Trauma and PTSD: Skills to Manage Triggers, Move Beyond Traumatic Memories, and Take Back Your Life set to be released by New Harbinger Publications in late 2022. She earned her master’s in Clinical Social Work from Northwest Nazarene University in 2011 and is an active member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine and the National Association of Social Workers. She currently owns and operates her own Counseling, Consulting and Training Business and is passionate about genuinely changing the landscape of trauma treatment through an authentic, hands-on perspective, that she has uniquely made her own.

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