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Beyond Chemistry: Exploring Our Relationship with Our Meds

Frank G. Anderson, M.D. • 7/13/2015 • No Comments

Medication is about more than just taking the right pill. It's about your client's relationship with their meds.


TWO Prime Guidelines for Integrated Eroticism

Barry McCarthy, Ph.D. • 6/30/2015 • No Comments

One of the most fascinating aspects of sexuality is the differences in what people find erotic. Download the “Creating Erotic Scenarios” worksheet, and have your clients try the exercise with their partner to explore turn-ons.


If a gay teen told you he was on Grindr, how would you react?

Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW • 6/26/2015 • 1 Comment

While online dating and hook-up apps are made for adults 18 and older, teenagers (straight and gay) are breaking the rules and joining the fun. For gay teens, apps such as Grindr, Tinder and Scruff have made it easier to find a partner they can relate to and experience those first romantic encounters with.


Inside Out: Family-Friendly Film, or Psychotherapy for the Masses?

Frank G. Anderson, M.D. • 6/19/2015 • 2 Comments

A major emotion picture is set to be released on Friday, June 19. You think it's a family-friendly film... but is it?


Treating Clients with Personality Disorders: Enhance the Strengths, Not the Weaknesses

Daniel J. Fox, Ph.D. • 6/16/2015 • No Comments

When we overlook the client's strengths in our treatment plans, we treat only a portion of our client and unintentionally distance ourselves from treating the whole person.


Optimism Practice: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Jonah Paquette, Psy.D. • 6/15/2015 • No Comments

In this optimism-building exercise, we’ll be thinking about goals that you have for the future, and breaking them up into more manageable sub-goals. By focusing on these, we can shift from pessimism to optimism.


Therapy Tools for the Advanced Practitioner

William Doherty, Ph.D. • 6/11/2015 • No Comments

There’s a nasty little secret in the therapy field: Couples therapy may be the hardest form of therapy, and most therapists (even advanced practitioners) aren’t good at it.


Putting the Pieces Together: Janina Fisher's perspective on the history of trauma treatment

Janina Fisher, Ph.D. • 6/5/2015 • 3 Comments

Twenty-five years ago, who would have thought that the experience of joy had a place in trauma treatment? We began with the belief that excavating dark and unspeakable horrors would set trauma survivors free. But in this new age of trauma treatment, we aim to help our clients find the light-or at least to find their bodies, their resources, and their resilience.


Therapy Tools for the Novice Couples Counselor

William Doherty, Ph.D. • 6/3/2015 • No Comments

From a consumer’s point of view, going in for couples therapy is like having your broken leg set by a doctor who skipped orthopedics in medical school.


We Agree - Yoga for Your Patients is Just Plain Dumb

PESIinc • 5/29/2015 • 14 Comments

You've suggested. You've coaxed. You've helped your patients to understand the benefits. We know your patients may be full of resistance, and you know what? We feel your frustration.


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