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The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing Your Private Practice

Start or expand your business and earn what you’re worth as a therapist.


You deserve the freedom and flexibility to give more time to your life and family. Let us help you build the life you want... one where you control your career and time... one where you’re fulfilled and financially secure. Join us for our FREE Private Practice Business Bootcamp to discover how to handle the business side of therapy so you can reimagine what’s possible as a therapist.


Tips for New Therapists on Growing a Private Practice Team

From discovering a specialty to prioritizing networking, clinician Frank Anderson, MD, shares his proven strategies for clinicians to grow their private practice.


How to Help Clients While Managing Your Own Emotions Team

In order to avoid burning out, it's essential for therapists to have strategies to take care of themselves. Trauma therapist Frank Anderson, MD, provides his recommendations for practicing self-care.


Common Struggles for New Therapists in Private Practice Team

From managing overhead costs to navigating paperwork and billing, opening a private practice poses several challenges for any therapist. Frank Anderson, MD, reflects on his journey and provides expert advice.


What It’s Like to Start Your Own Private Practice Team

Renowned therapist Frank Anderson, MD, reflects on his experience launching his own private practice and provides guidance for clinicians who are thinking of making the switch.


Blueprint for Private Practice Success

Creating specific clinical programs withinyour business to improve the value of your practice

Howard Baumgarten, LPC

If you are entering or already in private practice, your blueprint for success not only consists of your clinical training, it needs to include a solid plan for creating, growing and sustaining your business. The Program Goals/Timeline Template (available as a FREE download) is your blueprint to creating specific clinical programs within your business that promote your strengths, help your target population, and improve the overall value of your practice.


The Opioid Epidemic: What can you do to help your clients?

Martha Teater, MA, LMFT, LCAS, LPC

No longer can we look the other way and assume that these deaths are confined to a certain type, class, race, or gender of person. Fifty-two people die from overdose every single day. This cause of death now outranks motor vehicle accident deaths.

Know what you can do to help your clients...


What's in a Brand? Learning What Campbell's Soup and Dr. Phil Already Know

Joe Bavonese, Ph.D.

For therapists, traditional ways of getting the word out—a discrete ad here, a few hints to colleagues there, even a fancy website—just won’t cut it anymore. In a sound-bite-saturated world of information overload, having a brand that stands out is the only way to attract potential clients.


Are you ready to start a group practice?

Joe Bavonese, Ph.D.

You’re a successful therapist, and it’s taken years to build up your practice to this point. But what now? There’s only one of you and only so many hours in a day to see clients. If you have the enviable problem of too many clients, adopting a group-practice model could be a good career move.


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