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Hands-On Activities for Children with Autism and Sensory Disorders Book & DVD Bundle
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Multi-disc DVD recording with electronic manual and instructions.
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[+] [-] 063065 - Regulating Children with Autism and/or Sensory Disorders
  1. Employ a protocol that effectively activates the senses in autism.
  2. Plan a graded sequence of activities for touch desensitization.
  3. Demonstrate sensory immersion activities that satisfy touch cravings and sensitivity.
  4. Create four-minute, intense fun movement routines for the classroom.
  5. Design funny stories with taped sound effects for sound sensitivities.
  6. Implement a smell immersion technique for calming.
  7. Use simple crafts to build sensory hobbies.
  8. List five ways to reframe a child’s sensory experience.
  9. Discuss the latest research findings in the field of sensory modulation.

[+] [-] 063065 - Regulating Children with Autism and/or Sensory Disorders

Current Brain Research and SMD Symptoms

  • Latest research of sensory processing in the brain
  • What we know about oversensitivity, under-sensitivity and craving

A Program to Enrich the Senses in Autism

  • Decrease autism symptoms: Latest research
  • How the program works
  • 15 exercises to increase awareness of touch, temperature, vision and movement
  • Additional exercises to increase tolerance of sound and scent
  • Grading the exercise (harder/easier)
  • Adding in speech, emotion and movement
  • Tips you can teach parents/caregivers and teachers

Sensory Desensitization Strategies

  • How to play with food – new ideas
  • Games for sound desensitization
  • A sequence of interventions for touch desensitization

Sensory Immersion Strategies

  • Sensory sensitivity: How to find ease with immersion in sensation
  • Sensory craving: How to turn cravings into hobbies
  • Touch and vision: Yarn, stone, wood, paper and metal crafts and activities
  • Sound: Music, games, rhythms
  • ‘Wearable’ scent
  • Plan and design multi-day multisensory projects

Movement Exercises to Calm and Manage Stress

  • 4- and 7-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • FUNterval stories and routines for all ages
  • Create your own FUNterval

Wrap-up: Helping the Unhappy Sensory Child

  • Finding the child’s inner happy self
  • Making the shift from negative to positive outlook



Teresa Garland, MOT, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist and author specializing in sensory and modulation issues. She has worked in schools, sensory clinics and medical settings with children and adults, treating sensory disorders, ADHD and autism. Ms. Garland works closely with other health professionals, teachers and doctors to understand and treat underlying sensory, timing, and coordination/motor planning issues as well as overlying socio/emotional behaviors in the symptoms of autism. She is trained/certified in the SIPT, Interactive Metronome®, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), Therapeutic Listening, Wilbarger’s Sensory Defensiveness, the Natural Heart Approach, Mindfulness Training, and Food Chaining. Her bestselling books are titled Self-Regulation Interventions and Strategies: Keeping the Body, Mind and Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD or Sensory Disorders and Hands-on Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders. She writes a blog at

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Teresa Garland is an author for PESI Publishing & Media and receives royalties. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Teresa Garland has written case studies for Interactive Metronome®. She writes a blog on self-regulation (
Continuing Education Credits Awarded for Completion of Entire Package
[+] [-] Combined Continuing Education Credit From All Components
Breakdown of Continuing Education Credits by Components
[+] [-] 063065 - Regulating Children with Autism and/or Sensory Disorders
[+] [-] 084350 - Hands-on Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders
Counselors, Teachers/Educators, Marriage & Family Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapists/Physical Therapist Assistants, Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech-Language Pathologists and other Mental Health Professionals
[+] [-] 084350 - Hands-on Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders
"Teresa Garland has captured the essece of using the occupation of play to enrich the lives of the children we all adore. Having several years of experience working with children diagnosed with Autism, and sensory disorders, I have a solid appreciation for effective practice. Teresa manages to expound upon evidence-based strategies packaged for parents, teachers, and therapists alike. Her book encompasses techniques draped in the strongest aspects of sensory gross motor, and emotional approaches. It is a beautiful arrangement that allows the reader to apply aspects of occupational therapy, and related fields, to simplstic and enjoyable activities. Teresa continues to contribute to our field by translating and demystifying therapeutic strategies to everyday life!"
Dr. Varleisha D. Gibbs OTR/L, Author, Expert Speaker

"Teresa Garland has done it again! Another excellent activity book that provides detailed treatment protocols with amazing visuals and hands-on activities for therapists to use with children with sensory impairments."
Cara Marker Daily, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist

"Anyone involved in the life of a child who have autism or a sensory modulation disorder will treasure this resource. Ms. Garland has done the heavy lifting to produce a detailed, accessible guide with fresh and practical sensory activities. Especially helpful are her recommendations for grading activities from very simple to more complex. These activities will not only revitalize interventions for therapists but also equip motivated do-it-yourself parents to engage in sensory learning with their children."
Sheryl Ryan, PhD, OTR/L

"I learned so much!"
Candace E Edwards, MS, OTR