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Multi-disc DVD recording with electronic manual and instructions | Hardcover Book (320 pages)
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[+] [-] 047875 - The Power of Mindful Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff, Ph.D.
  1. Identify the three key components of self-compassion.
  2. Describe key research that supports the benefits of self-compassion.
  3. Explain the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem.
  4. Demonstrate techniques to give your clients that increased self-compassion in everyday life.
  5. Transform yourself - and your clients - with kindness rather than self-criticism.
  6. Describe how using self-compassion techniques prevents burnout in caregiving situations.

[+] [-] 047875 - The Power of Mindful Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff, Ph.D.
  • Introduction
  • The pursuit of high self-esteem
  • Exercise: How do I treat a friend?
  • Self-Compassion Theory
  • Exercise: Soothing touch/Self-compassion break misgivings
  • Self-Compassion research
  • Meditation: Affectionate Breathing
  • Mindfulness and Resistance
  • Backdraft
  • Meditation: Loving-kindness for a loved one
  • Why do we criticize ourselves?
  • Exercise: Compassionate motivation
  • Working with difficult emotions
  • Exercise: Soften, soothe, allow
  • Self-Compassion for Caregivers
  • Exercise: Giving and receiving compassion with equanimity
  • Self-appreciation
  • Exercise: Appreciating what’s good about ourselves



Kristin Neff, Ph.D., is a pioneer in the field of self-compassion research, conducting the first empirical studies on self-compassion over a decade ago.

Kristin’s work has received extensive media coverage, including The New York Times, MSNBC, National Public Radio, Reader’s Digest, and Psychology Today. She provides workshops on self-compassion worldwide, and has developed an eight-week program to help people learn to be more self-compassionate in daily life.

Kristin is also featured in the bestselling book and award-winning documentary The Horse Boy, which chronicles her family’s journey to Mongolia where they trekked on horseback to find healing for her autistic son.

She received her doctorate in Human Development from the University of California at Berkeley and is currently an Associate Professor of Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to writing numerous academic articles on the topic, she is author of the book Self-Compassion, released by William Morrow in 2011.

Information on self-compassion – including videos, guided mediations, exercises, research articles, and a way to test your own self-compassion level – is available at

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Kristin Neff is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Nonfinancial: Kristin Neff has no relevant nonfinancial relationship to disclose.
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[+] [-] 047875 - The Power of Mindful Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff, Ph.D.
[+] [-] 085085 - Self-Compassion
Addiction Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, and other Mental Health Professionals