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Psychopharmacology: What You Need to Know About Psychiatric Medications
Author: Fran Miller, RN, MSN, BC
Publisher: Premier Publishing & Media 2012
Length: 4 DVD(s)
Media Type: Seminar on DVD
Duration: 5 hours, 56 minutes
Item: RNV008535

Price : $169.99

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NOTE: The seminar manual, CE information, and CE test are contained on disc #1 in PDF format. To access these documents, play disc #1 in your computer. For the video presentation, begin playing disc #1 in your DVD player.

Join Fran for an energetic recording to sharpen your understanding of:
  • Current trends
  • Improving clients’ adherence to medications
  • Managing side effects

Fran has been prescribing psychiatric medications for over a decade to adults and children with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression and anxiety disorders. Many of her patients have co-existing mental health or medical problems with limited resources and inadequate social support systems.

As a direct care professional working in the “trenches,” Fran has accrued vital knowledge for resolving many treatment challenges. She has developed unique teaching methods that improve the client’s understanding of their mental illness and the role medications play in aiding their recovery.

Her best-selling workbook, My Mental Health Medication Workbook, outlines many of her teaching methods.

  • Describe how psychiatric medications work
  • Explain how psychiatric medications are selected for each disorder and age group
  • Improve your skills at assessing medication responses and managing side effects
  • Identify barriers that interfere in your clients’ medication adherence
  • Develop successful interventions to eliminate barriers to your client’s medication adherence
  • Propose various lifestyle improvements and nutritional habits that aid in your clients’ recovery


Psychotropic Medications
  • The evolution of psychotropic medications
  • Brain chemistry and the role of neurotransmitters
  • Mechanisms of drug action
  • FDA approval process regarding indications, “off label,” and “black box” warnings
  • Medications in development: What to expect in the future

Depressive Disorders
  • Brain chemistry in depression
  • Types of antidepressants and mechanism of action:
    1. Older: Tricyclics and MAOIs
    2. Newer: SSRI s and newer combinations
  • Factors to consider in selecting an antidepressant
  • Postpartum depression

Bipolar Disorders
  • Brain chemistry in bipolar disorders
  • Newer definitions: Bipolar spectrum disorders
  • Types of mood stabilizers and mechanism of action:
    1. Lithium
    2. Anti-seizure medications with indications for bipolar disorder
    3. Atypicals with indications for bipolar disorder
  • Factors to consider in selecting a mood stabilizer

Thought Disorders/Schizophrenia
  • Brain chemistry of schizophrenia
  • Schizophrenia (stages and symptoms)
  • Types of antipsychotics:
    1. (Older) typicals
    2. (Newer) atypicals
  • Factors to consider in selecting an antipsychotic risk factors:
    1. Tardive dyskenesia
    2. Metabolic syndrome

Anxiety Disorders
  • Brain chemistry in anxiety disorders and trauma
  • Types of anxiety disorders including symptoms and medication selection:
    1. GAD and SAD
    2. Panic disorder
    3. OCD
    4. Eating disorders
    5. PTSD
  • Factors to consider in medication selection
  • The appropriate and safe use of anxiolytics

Attention and Memory Disorders
  • Brain chemistry in attention deficit disorders and Alzheimer’s dementia
  • Symptoms in both disorders
  • Factors to consider in medication selection

Sleep Problems
  • Sleep disorders vs. stress insomnia
  • Assessment of sleep hygiene
  • Appropriate use of hypnotics

New Medications for Chemical Dependency
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Smoking addiction
  • Opiate addiction

Nutrition and Dietary Supplements
  • Dietary habits that improve mental health
  • Vitamins and supplements that improve mental health

How to Improve Medication Adherence
  • Attitudes that affect medication adherence
  • Relapse issues
  • Client education
  • Predictors to noncompliance


Fran Miller, RN, MSN, BC has enjoyed a dynamic career spanning more than three decades with roles in academia, mental health administration, consultation, and direct clinical practice in both private and public sectors. Her continuum of care experiences range from clinical research, consultation and liaison services (inpatient medical services), crises (access), inpatient, partial, IOP, outpatient, and ACT to a host of other community services. She spent the past 8 years engaged in community mental health, providing medication treatment to a large caseload of adults and some children. Fran presently works in a group private practice providing medication treatment, supportive counseling, and coaching for a varied population, including women’s mental health and adult ADD . She has been a speaker for more than 30 years, enriching thousands of professionals across the country. Colleagues and attendees have embraced her teaching style, applauding Fran as a visionary, trend setter and a passionate educator.

Fran has been a strong advocate for client education and its role in increasing medication compliance among the mental health client population. She designed My Mental Health Medication Workbook to increase the client’s understanding of his/her mental illness, the role of the brain in producing symptoms, and the important role of mental health medications in facilitating recovery. She is a member of APNA and a board member at the local chapter. She also has served as a committee member for the ANCC. Fran received her BSN from The University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. She received her MSN in Community Mental Health Nursing/Clinical Specialization from Indiana University at the IU Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. She received her Prescriptive Authority in 1997, and has developed expertise in medication management for all populations (child to geriatric).


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