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Mindfulness & Radical Self Acceptance
Author: Mary NurrieStearns, MSW, LCSW, E-500 RYT
Publisher: PESI Publishing & Media 2008
Length: 5 CD(s)
Media Type: Seminar on Audio CD
Duration: 6 hours, 23 minutes
Item: CDR012595

Price : $139.99

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NOTE: The seminar manual, CE information, and CE test are contained on disc #1 in PDF format. To access these documents, play disc #1 in your computer. For the audio presentation, begin playing disc #1 in your CD player.

True healing results from facing truth and loving ourselves. Mindfulness helps us see through layers of defensiveness, protection and misunderstanding, so that at last, we can see reality. Radical self acceptance opens us up to the inner realms of compassion so that we experience self love.

Research shows that mindfulness and radical self acceptance are great healing forces. Learning to witness rather than being trapped in thoughts relieves the emotional pain rooted in thoughts. Practicing being in the present moment orients us to reality and away from a painful past and fearfully anticipated future. Cultivating a loving relationship with ourselves, at last, the pain of self hatred and low self esteem is alleviated. A source of hope, these beautiful clinical tools heal clinician and client alike. These practices bring wisdom and loving energy into therapeutic processes.

These simple, and yet profound practices are easy to integrate into your daily work. You and your clients will be grateful for their presence in your office.

Mary Nurriestearns lives what she teaches and embodies the qualities that spring from these practices. This live seminar recording is highly informational, and you will learn why these practices are powerful and come away transformed. You will return to your office with a whole new skill set to share with your clients.

  • Learn four ways to utilize mindfulness in your personal and professional life
  • Empower clients to be self loving
  • Discover the power of awareness and acceptance
  • Teach specific practices of self compassion
  • Learn mindfulness and radical self acceptance for treating anxiety and depression



Power of awareness
  • Capacity to be aware
  • Awareness vs. “thinking about”
  • Present moment awareness and mood

Healing and happiness
  • Allowing “what is”
  • Life as movement and change
  • Realizing capacities

PART 2: MINDFULNESS – experiential, case studies for treatment of anxiety and depression

Practice of mindfulness
  • Focusing attention
  • Breath awareness
  • Grounding in the body
  • Developing witness consciousness
  • Not acting on thoughts
  • Being with, the “pause”
  • Teaching mindfulness to clients

Mindfulness as treatment modality
  • “Naming” what is
  • Inner listening
  • Creating inner space
  • Detaching identity from thoughts
  • Allowing, not controlling

Values to guide treatment
  • Discovering personal values
  • Two central questions
  • Focused self inquiry
  • Making choices

PART 3: RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE - experiential, case studies for treatment of anxiety and depression

Radical Self-Acceptance
  • Accepting, not avoiding
  • Acceptance and love
  • The suffering of unworthiness
  • Teaching radical self-acceptance to clients

Practice of radical self acceptance
  • Accepting moment to moment experience
  • Breathing through experience
  • Accepting emotions
  • Nonviolence
  • Relating to reactivity
  • Radical acceptance and change

Radical self acceptance as treatment modality
  • Metta compassion practice
  • Self love practice
  • Breaking the cycle of self hatred
  • Relating to the inner critic
  • Befriending yourself
  • Establishing internal safety


Mary NurrieStearns, MSW, LCSW, E-500 RYT, has over 27 years experience as a clinical social worker, and has been a yoga practitioner and meditator since 1990. She has maintained a private practice in counseling since 1989, trained in a variety of treatment modalities. Along with her husband, she teaches meditation classes, conducts workshops on personal transformation, and facilitates yoga and meditation retreats.

She is the previous editor of Personal Transformation, a magazine on psycho-spiritual
growth. Mary has immersed herself into consciousness studies, often spending more than 22 weeks in intensive retreats with the country’s leading authors and healers in transpersonal psychology and spirituality.

Mary is an engaging and a popular PESI speaker. Her wealth of clinical information and deep understanding of meditative practices transform into loving and wise tools for mental health professionals.


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This self-study material qualifies for 6.0 contact hours.


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